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NJAWR Annual Meeting January 29th , 2017 at Mercer County Wildlife Center - 10am


More Events Coming Soon!



NWRA Symposium 2017
March 7– 11, 2017
Williamsburg, Virginia
Join the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, fellow rehabilitators, educators, veterinarians, and our host WildCare Foundation.


Have an idea for a future program?
NJAWR would like your input. What topics would interest you? Have you heard a great speaker? Please let us know! We are looking for locations around the state to hold programs so everyone will have a chance to attend. Please email us to let us know your opinion.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates on upcoming Rehabilitator Roundtables and Workshops!




Annual NJAWR Conferences
NJAWR hosts

The New Jersey Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators Annual Conference held on March 24, 2012 in Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey was a great success! Thank you to all of those who attended!

2009 Wildlife Rehabilitator Roundtable
Once again, NJAWR hosted a wildlife rehabilitator roundtable to discuss issues and ideas concerning our wildlife friends. The event took place at Mercer County Wildlife Center on November 22, 2009. Hot topics discussed during this meeting included White Nose Syndrome, squirrel pox, raccoon parvo, distemper, rabies, bear hunts, and the dangers of sticky boards for songbirds. Attendees noted a general increase in animals taken into facilities, particularly raccoons, skunks, and litters of red squirrels and flying squirrels. Suggestions and methods for dealing with uncooperative members of the public were given as well. Overall, the turn-out and progression of this roundtable was a useful and successful learning experience.

Turtle Talk Three
Attendees hungry for more information about turtles were treated to a full day of turtle fun as Harriet Forrester delved more deeply into the world of these wonderful creatures. Questions that arose during the last Turtle Talk were answered, and then some! Topics included nutrition, turtle anatomy, injury and disease identification and treatment, and husbandry essentials such as lighting, heating, housing, and environmental enrichment.

Fall 2008 NJAWR Wildlife Rehabilitator Roundtable
November 8 marked the day when wildlife rehabilitators, apprentices, and volunteers across the region met to share experiences, ask questions, discuss problems, and find solutions. 

Oil Spill and Wildlife Training Sessions 2007
January 12 and 13 were great days for all who attended the Oil Spill and Wildlife Training Sessions co-sponsored by NJAWR and the Mercer County office of Emergency Management. Two sessions were presented by Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research. Session One was a general training session for first responders to help oiled wildlife, and Session Two was a hands-on workshop to help understand the effects of oil on wildlife, and to properly care for individual oiled animals. It was quite impressive to see the various professionals coming together for training to assist our wildlife. Guest speakers included members of the United States Coast Guard, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, and United States Fish and Wildlife. The trainers from Tri-State did a great job to make it a wonderful learning experience for everyone.

Turtle Talk Two
Turtle Talk Two was a smashing success in February with a record number of attendees. People traveled from as far away as Connecticut, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, even with a snow storm forecast in the afternoon! Wow - talk about dedicated turtle lovers! Harriet Forrester, the turtle goddess of New Jersey, shared her expertise and passion for these wonderful creatures. Nobody falls asleep when Harriet is talking turtles! She is an amazing speaker who is well known and sought after for lectures all over the country.

Native Wildlife and the Animal Welfare Community
NJAWR partnered with The Raptor Trust to present a program called Native Wildlife and the Animal Welfare Community for members of the animal welfare community to learn the best techniques to better serve the public and our native wildlife. Topics included how to handle wildlife phone calls, transport, reuniting infants with mothers, species identification, emergency care, and tips on relocating wildlife. Presenters Marjorie Ford, Lauren Butcher and Christie Ward all worked hard to make this program a success. Some of the comments from the evaluation sheets included: “Although I have been an ACO for 20 years, I still learned something new today.” “Terrific program! Extremely helpful!”



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