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Traps, Live-capture Foot Encapsulating Enclosed or foot encapsulating (also known as enclosed foothold or dog-proof traps) traps are now legal for trapping. These traps have been specifically designed to capture species such as raccoon and opossum (which possess a degree of manual dexterity) while minimizing the capture of non-target animals especially domestic dogs and cats. Enclosed foothold traps are a live-restraint trap which do not result in the death of the captured animal or in the potential for significant injury.

These traps are subject to the following requirements:

• All triggering and restraining mechanisms shall be enclosed by a housing.

• The triggering and restraining mechanism is accessible only by a single opening when the trap is set.

• The access opening does not exceed 2 inches in diameter or when measured diagonally.

• The triggering mechanism can be activated only by a pulling force

• The trap has a swivel-mounted anchoring system.

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